Pete the Butcher

I am a European born Butcher. I started my training in a small market in Milford, Connecticut, around 1972. The first thing I learned was to always have everything clean. Then I was taught to cut meat.

Leaving Germany for the land of opportunity. That's Mom and the little Butcher. Frieda (Mom) always brought me to the market. In her thick German accent she told me that she was the first to train me in the art of meat selection. She passed away September 20, 2008. I'll always remember her saying "make it extra special"​.

That's Billy out in front of what I called the "university". I called him "Sam Breakstone"; he taught me the work ethic. On trips to the Wholesale markets I learned to select the finest hanging beef and freshest veal. I used to think he just needed me to carry the product to the truck, but that's the way an apprenticeship worked in 1972.

There were some benefits back then. Here we are getting ready for the Yale Bowl (the Giants were playing there that year). Mike, Billy's brother, is on the left. He taught me the meaning of production. I'm on the right; I had a bush of hair then.

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My son the apprentice cleaning cookers and paying his dues.